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Charismatic leaders often lead by sheer force of their personality. Charismatic leaders are characterized by such things as a high energy level, the ability to get things done and the ability to attract other people to follow them. Business leaders who have the charisma can harness that energy to their advantage. The goals of a charismatic leader vary based on the organization, but will generally share some commonalities from one industry to the next.

Project Completion

One of the primary goals of a charismatic leader is to rally the rest of the team around the primary goal of completing the tasks at hand. Charismatic leaders combine their practical task-oriented skills with their ability to inspire the workforce so their employees will accomplish organizational goals. In this sense, the charismatic leader serves as a sort of cheerleader who uses his influence and his own energy to push employees towards the completion of a project or goal.


A truly charismatic leader will also transform those whom he works with on a daily basis. Leaders who have a great deal of charisma often attract other people to themselves like a magnet. In the same way that a piece of metal can be magnetized, the charismatic leader inspires others who strive to emulate his leadership, personality or work habits. Companies and other organizations can capitalize on this by using charismatic leaders to transform the rest of the organization into one that is dynamic and that consistently creates other leaders.

Moral Leadership

The charismatic leader is, in some sense, a moral leader as well. However, this does not mean that he imposes his own morality upon those that follow him. In the business context, the charismatic leader appeals to the higher traits or values of the employee to the point that it inspires the employee to always strive for excellence. The charismatic leader represents and reiterates the goals and aspirations that are already latent within the worker or those who they are leading.


Charismatic leaders usually become charismatic leaders by influencing more than one person at a time. As the leader inspires and motivates employees or other followers, he is generally able to create a sense of unity through a shared common purpose. The employees who follow the charismatic leader will feel as if they are part of a larger purpose and will be unified on how to accomplish that purpose, if the charismatic leader has done his job.

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